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Hitman : Contracts « « Games download |PC| 145 MB full version download free

Hitman : Contracts - Games download |PC| 145 MB full version download free


Hitman: Contracts is a stealth game, developed by IO Interactive. The game is the third game of the Hitman video game series, released April 20, 2004. Hitman Contracts sold over three million copies by the end of 2004


Gameplay centers around the exploits of a hitman, Agent 47 as he is sent to various locations to assassinate targets. An array of weapons can be used, from shotguns to jian. While stealth and subterfuge is encouraged, the game allows the player to take a more violent approach and gunfight their way to their mission goals. Players are rated on their performance in a system that records statistics such as shots fired, NPCs killed, and the amount of aggression and stealth applied in the mission; regarding the aggression and stealth statistics specifically, players will be rated a wide array of titles that range from "mass murderer," the most aggressive title, and "silent assassin," which in contrast is the highest stealth rating.


The game begins with a cutscene showing a wounded Agent 47 wandering through a dark hotel corridor and arriving at his room. Upon entering, he collapses and begins to have flashbacks regarding previous assassinations he committed, beginning with the aftermath of killing Dr. Ort-Meyer at the end of the original game. The missions are primarily focused on replays of previous missions in the original game, except played in reverse. The graphics, maps and artificial intelligence have been improved and modified, not to mention the presence of rain or snow in every level and peculiar, unnatural events occurring in some levels. In the game, 47 visits several locations, including Romania, Kamchatka, the United Kingdom, Rotterdam, Budapest, Hong Kong, and finally Paris.


While 47 suffers, a doctor sent by the Agency arrives unexpectedly and treats 47, then flees when he discovers GIGN officers surrounding the hotel. At the end of the game, 47 regains consciousness in the hotel room with an expired mission briefing. It is revealed that 47 was hired to kill a US ambassador, Richard Delahunt, and a famous tenor at an opera house in Paris (an event later seen in Hitman: Blood Money), but was also tasked to kill their mutual friend, Inspector Albert Fournier who has sent a team of police to capture 47 after discovering his hideout.


47 discovers the situation he is in and moves on to kill the inspector and escape the area. He then makes his way to the airport, where he boards a plane and escapes the country. His contact, Diana, reaches him on the plane and suggests that his target may have been tipped off.




Microsoft Windows 98SE/2000/XP(admin rights required)

Pentium III 800 or Athlon equivalent

128 Mb Windows 98SE

256 Mb Windows 2000/XP

100% DirectX 8-compatible 32Mb 3D Accelerated Card

Windows -compatible sound card (100% DirectX 8-compatible)

Quad-speed (4x) CD-ROM drive

2Gb free disk space

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